MyLink Motorization for Window Coverings of Today

With a plethora of home automations available in today’s world, why should your window treatments be left out? Don’t you want complete control over your window dressing from morning till night? Then, MyLink Motorization from Somfy is the award winning product you have at present. You have the ease to adjust all your motorized shades and blinds without disturbing your regular activities. MyLink is the operating system that has taken automation and motorization to the next level.

There is no denying the fact that this innovative wireless system has made all beautiful window dressings intelligent. With the help of MyLink app, you can schedule the time for operating every single window treatment directly from your tablet or smartphone. All the dressings will automatically close and open at their pre-scheduled times all through the day. Everything will happen according to your command.

Why has MyLink become so popular?

Well, MyLink operating system is quite efficient and has attractive modern homeowners for a number of reasons.

Accuracy in Operation

MyLinkThis app provides control over a number of products and window styles for tilting, traversing, pulling it up or pulling it down. You can also operate the window dressing according to varied factors like during sunset, sunrise and so on.

Flexibility in Scheduling

With MyLink app, you get the privilege of creating customized scenes for controlling all window dressings in the house so that they operate together or in combinations. The shades will move automatically without any physical effort.

Energy Efficiency

MyLink Motorization also helps in saving energy as they can be easily scheduled with sunset and sunrise time. Thus, you can control solar energy in every season.


Everyone knows that motorized shades provide better security to home, especially when you are away from it and the MyLink shades are no exception. You can adjust the shades from your tablet or smartphone when you are not at home.


With immense variation in fabrics, colors and styles of motorized window coverings, you window will now become attractive and intelligent.

Battery Powered

MyLink window dressings are mostly battery operated and hence, they can be operated, installed and maintained easily. Battery pack is placed in a hidden space behind headrail so that it is invisible to the eyes. Thus, there is no chance of hampering the beauty of the window covering.

Needless to say, since these window dressings are motorized and battery operated, they are cord free. This is safe, if there are children at home and are also aesthetically pleasing. So, MyLink automation is the pick of the time.

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