Appointing A Furniture Upholsterer? – Know The Simple Tips Now!

June 9, 2019

Want to give an antique furniture piece a new and refurbished look? It’s easy now! A number of reputed furniture upholsterers are here in New York City, Brooklyn and other places. Now, antique pieces are always valuable. So, before contacting any upholstery service provider you should look into certain things. Let’s find out what are they…

✔ Is the furniture worth reupholstering?

Firstly, you should check whether the furniture piece is worth investing in. Upholstering gives a polished look to a furniture piece, but if it is of bad construction, then an upholstering service will just be a waste of money.

✔ How does the fabric work?

Every fabric works differently. If you want to reupholster your leather club chair, then it will cost you heavily and also, it will take a lot of time. Hence, it is better to discard it. Again, reupholstering with silk taffeta is very difficult because the fabric is very delicate and sheer. Such fabric is suitable for seldom-used furniture piece and not at all for a living room sofa that is heavily used.

✔ How about bringing visuals?

Pictures speak a thousand words. When you appoint a furniture upholsterer in New York City, Brooklyn or any other place for the job, it is better to use visuals of any type for explaining your idea. The upholsterer then easily understands your choice and preferences in every aspect – materials, images, fabrics and finishes. Hence, the task becomes much more convenient for both parties involved.

✔ Is it good to involve the upholsterer in creative process?

An upholstering might offer a number of options and to understand those possibilities you might need some higher education. Well, you might like a particular fabric and like to use it on your old antique furniture piece, but it always good to hear the ideas of the upholsterer. Their input comes from a place of fabric expertise, they understand how much wear and tear each type of fabric can withstand. Their suggestions are only to help allow you to enjoy your reupholstered piece to the fullest. Involving the designers in the creative process makes the work much enjoyable.

✔ Will there be any hidden cost?

Hidden costs are a common element in such works. Though a professional service provider gives an estimate, the actual budget is sure to cross that limit. Until an upholsterer starts his renovation work, he cannot know how much  defect or loophole is there in the furniture. So, when upholstering your old furniture, select the upholsterer wisely.