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Custom Window Shades
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Stylish Custom Window Shades in New York

With three decades of experience, Glamour Decorating is here to replenish your home with cutting-edge custom window shades in NYC. As a family-managed business, we offer a broad selection of premium-quality materials and tailored solutions that will give a sophisticated touch to your space. Our extensive collection of 5-star reviews speaks for our commitment to excellence and your satisfaction.

Custom roller shades – advanced coverings for your windows

Whether you need to cover large windows or you’re just looking for a durable solution that’s available in a rich selection of colors, custom roller shades are never a bad choice. Check out our complete offer:

custom shades and blinds NYC

Roman Shades

Roman shades provide unparalleled flexibility, offering various fabric choices, customizations, and lift options that allow you to achieve amazing light control while embracing custom design. They are particularly well-suited for compact window spaces, an ideal selection for limited wall space.

custom shades and blinds NYC

Roller Shades

Elevate your space in New York with the sleek allure of custom roller shades. Chick and versatile, these coverings redefine modern style. Crafted for simplicity, they seamlessly blend into any decor while providing customizable light control. Embrace the perfect blend of fashion and function with our stunning range of colors and materials.

custom shades and blinds NYC

Austrian Shades

Transform your windows into works of art with Austrian shades. These timeless draperies cascade gracefully, adding a touch of old-world charm to any room. With their distinctive gathered folds and elegant lines, they bring a sense of opulence, creating an ambiance of sophistication that captivates and enchants.

custom shades and blinds NYC

Vision Shades

Experience the future of window fashion with Vision shades. Blending the best of both worlds, these innovative coverings provide privacy while maintaining a view. The juxtaposition of solid and sheer fabric panels delivers a striking aesthetic, offering a contemporary twist to your space. Redefine your windows, redefine your style.

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Uplift your NYC home with our custom window shades

Need enhanced privacy & light management solutions?

Each space holds unique lighting needs. Some demand a vibrant radiance, while others crave a tranquil atmosphere fostering serenity, concentration, and security. Be it delicate sheer shades for a luminous living room, tailored darkening design for an elegant touch, or trendy custom roller shades to complement your style, we have the solution for every space.

high-end custom window shades new york

Exploring fabric options to suit your needs?

Balancing style with function or practicality with sustainability is a personal journey. Catering to diverse preferences, our range of custom window shades in New York spans the spectrum. Whether you’re drawn to the natural softness of silk, linen, and organic cotton or prefer the refined touch of premium-quality velvet, poly, and faux silk, our selections allow you to find the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality.

Prioritizing aesthetics in your choices?

Our broad selection of fabrics is meticulously curated to meet the standards of your particular taste. Explore our options and be encouraged to blend various materials. Feel free to mix textures, solids, and patterns to craft your custom shades that resonate with your unique sense of style.

Reap the benefits of our services from the comfort of your home

We aim to assist you in navigating the myriad options for your custom window shades during an on-site visit in NYC. Boasting a track record of more than 1500 successful projects and an equal number of happy clients, we guarantee a seamless experience, catering to all your needs and preferences with utmost care and expertise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely, they are well worth the investment. Tailored to fit your unique windows and needs, they provide a perfect blend of style and functionality. Custom window shades in New York offer precise light control, energy efficiency, and a personalized aesthetic that enhances your interior decor. With a wide range of materials and designs to choose from, they elevate the overall ambiance of your space while ensuring a perfect fit and unmatched quality.
Yes, they add a touch of luxury and sophistication, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of a property. Potential buyers often appreciate the attention to detail and personalized features, making custom shades a valuable investment that can contribute to a higher perceived value of your home.
The timeline can vary based on factors like complexity and materials. However, the personalized nature ensures a meticulous process, typically taking a few weeks. The wait is justified by the tailored fit, superior quality, and the satisfaction of having custom window shades in NYC crafted to your exact specifications.
Yes, we offer versatile solutions for various window dimensions. Our custom roller shades are tailored to fit your specific window measurements. This ensures a precise and snug fit, enhancing both the aesthetic and functional aspects of your coverings.
Glamour Decorating is your trusted team that can provide you with high-end solutions for your window coverings in NYC and the surrounding area. Whether your home is in Riverdale or Ditmas Park, we’re here to deliver a range of tailored services, including: Get in touch with us today!

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