Hotel Drapery

Key Trends in Window Treatments for Exotic Hotel Experience

When designing a hotel room, the owner gets endless choices. Selecting the right window treatment is one of the biggest décor challenges. With numerous options available today, it is very difficult to be sure what the best window dressing for your particular space. Reputed companies offer different kinds of hotel drapery, the hardware required for…


Motorized Shades

Essential Qualities to Look for in Motorized Shades

Nowadays, home automation has become more affordable and popular. As a result, options of motorized shades have also expanded and so there are plenty to choose from. Here are some questions that one should ask the dealer before making any purchase. This will help to decide which blind or shade will work best for you.…


Hotel Shades

Contemporary Trend of Hotel Window Treatments

Window treatments speak more than just disguising an ugly window dressing or portraying a beautiful frame. In this modern world, window covering is a chief element in property designing for public space or guestrooms. It also plays a crucial role in protecting interior designs and fabrics from the harmful effects of UV rays and regulating…


Cornice Gallery

Why Choose Vertical Blinds For Large Window Covering?

Thinking of a window treatment that can showcase your personal style? Well, there is a multitude of options like blinds, shades, shutters, and draperies. Many houses have sliding doors in the patio or expansive windows. How to cover them? Vertical blinds are a great option. But now, the question is – are they the best…