Decorative Window Treatments To Instantly Add Chic Fashion To A Room

March 22, 2019

When comes to  giving a finishing touch to a room’s décor, window dressing can do a lot. It can add to the beauty of the room or can destroy it completely. Modern window dressings offers a lot of options for designing your dream home. Survey the market and you will come across endless ideas of window treatments. However, here are some classy and decorative window treatments that ensure functionality and style.

  • Curtains in Contrast

Contrasting color curtains offers a warm and distinctive look to any modern room décor. The best part is that they can be paired with any kind of design style – from transitional to traditional. Go for contrasting draperies offering strong color with a neutral hue to give a stylish layered look. In order to have a polished and clean look, make the fittings minimal.

  • Window Decals

Nowadays, there are plenty of creative window decals that can give any traditional window a beautiful statement. This unique decal can make a simple window look stunning. The decals can be easily installed and they are much affordable than normal drapes.

  • Austrian Shades

Want to add drama and elegance to your room instantly? Austrian shades are the perfect window covering for you! Their delicate layers and romantic feel offer a grand window dressing that evoke allure and warmth. Even if the window offers minimal space, these decorative window treatments have visual appeal and add texture.

  • Eclectic

To create a standalone look with window dressings, opt for space-dyed fabrics or vivid bold printed ones. They have an expressive note – whether modern or eclectic. This window dressing works well if you want to add character to a space as well as livening up any clean minimal space.

  • Ceiling to Floor

Having floor to ceiling curtains is another way to instantly adding glamour and drama to a window treatment. They make any room look expansive and more grand. The timeless appeal of this window dressing is worth the money you invest.

So, these are some examples of modern, fashionable window coverings which  you can try…