Remodeling A Church Stage Magnificently Within Small Budget

July 28, 2018

With the same design and décor year after year, a cathedral might not attract as many people as it would otherwise. So church remodeling is necessary at times.

Let’s have a look at some great stage designing ideas of a church in small budget.


Stage designing is mostly about lighting. Wooden walls in a church stage might change with time, but the lights that a chapel has on the stage will stay for decades. While fixing the budget for stage design, one should have the considerable amount of purchasing lights over other things.

Small churches that intend to have an extraordinary look of their stage on a small budget, should remember this. Forget about trendy items on stage, just focus great lighting! A rain wall with LED lights strips can look picturesque. To have a dramatic look on a church stage, one can choose two streams of light that will backlight the worship leader.


PVC pipes are inexpensive modes that are also great receivers of light. One can paint these pipes according to his wish and give them a unique look. One can contact expert designers to know how to use these pipes for stage designing.


Do you know that coroplast is regarded as the “king” of stage designing? Experts also recommend this as number one material for church stage remodel. Coroplast is adaptable, flexible and inexpensive material that is light-weight and can be shaped according to one’s desire. One can give it any shape and create multiple looks.

Thus, all these materials together with proper lighting can create a fantastic stage design without emptying your bank account. The church stage being the center of attraction for people should be designed in the most astonishing way. In this world of advanced technology, there are various inexpensive materials that can give a stage a distinct beautiful look.