Crucial Steps Involved In The Journey Of Church Renovation

May 15, 2018

Have the experience of home restoration? Well, it is a bad and chaotic experience! There is dust, noise, budgets and other chores of activities. Saying it is a stressful process is an understatement. Now, think of renovating a church building where every Sunday services have to be catered. It is a challenging task to refurbish a church amidst mess but it needs to be done to keep the building in the good state.

Here Are Some Points That Will Help in Church Renovation Effectively.

  • Prior Planning

You should start the renovation program after making proper planning because working on abuilding does not happen concurrently. It takes places in stage and phases that can affect operational needs. Therefore, one has to think about the logistics of the whole refurbishment process –

  • How it will impact attendees, employees, and volunteers.
  • Whether the ministry will conduct meetings offsite.
  • How they will adjust the normal schedule so that redecoration task is not hampered.

The planning should be robust yet loose.

  • Making Communications Plan

In reformation work, communications at every level – suppliers or vendors, church members, and employees – is very important. Everyone should be well informed through blog posts, videos, photos, instructions, timelines, and updates. Regular update about the task is necessary and for that do not forget to use all communication channels, both print and online.

  • Enjoy Flexibility and Fun

Be prepared for backorders, tensions, weather delays and chaos. They are natural elements in the home as well as church renovation. Those who look for perfection are the most disappointed ones. It will be better for you if you accept every change with grace and humility. Make the redecoration process an enjoyable one by engaging members into the process.

One can also write their names on doorways, walls, and floors. Those who will come to pray to Christ will also know these valuable persons of the religious place.

A refurbishment program can be the successful one when everyone participates in it. There are online management tools and expert members who can help with this reconstruction of the church. Remember in whatever work you do, regular service and communication should not be hampered.