Current Trends In Church Interior And Architecture

January 5, 2019

Improvements of the interior design and architecture of cathedrals are constantly occurring. Every year, there is something that is hot and trendy for places of worship. Have a look at what is in currently on trend for modern churches…


  • Way-finding

Use of signage and way-finding notes are very in vogue now in modern chapels. Someone is new every Sunday and this system makes navigation easy and the church more welcoming. Signage written in clear terms so that everyone can understand it in the first go. For instance, churches use the term “gym” instead of writing “family activity center”.

  • Open-zone offices

Every chapel follows a standard office design – a private official space for the senior pastor, small private offices for the associates and an open working space for administrative staff. But now, they focus on open-zone office layout since it requires less surface area to be wasted. In an open space design, there will be private rooms for prayer, phone calls, counseling sessions, and small groups.

  • Angles and grids

Historically, a church interior was only rounded or curved. But now, modern day churches have a more contemporary look with angled lines and grids. Experts say that this is a much “masculine décor”.

  • Security mechanisms

Security is necessary for a church where so many people visit every day. Monitoring technology watches traffic movements inside and out for the safety of the church staff. Modern security measures are of the utmost importance for the protection of the children of the congregation.

Now, there are certain things that this place of worship should always avoid.

  • Storage – Churches should not store junk which they will do not need. Clearing the clutter will help make room for the more important items necessary to run a religious center.
  • Mailboxes and courtrooms – These structures are not a necessity in a chapel. So, they can do without these.

These are some examples of trends that modern chapels follow.