Custom Solar Patio Shades Is A Must For A Comfortable Environment

November 15, 2018

You know that summer days are long and there are lots of outdoor activities. Despite of harsh climate, safety and comfort of guests and family is of prime importance. Patio is one of the important parts of a house that is open. Installing exterior and custom patio window shades is highly effective as it saves from glare, heat and harsh sun rays and creates a comfortable ambiance in the patio. It is also helpful in case of small family gathering.

Why should you install solar shades in patios?

  • Say “NO” to Blinding Glare

It is very difficult to stay and relax in an open space with blinding rays of the sun hitting the eyes. Things become convenient and easy when solar shades are installed in such space as it blocks glare and UV rays. If you don’t want visibility, you can choose fabrics that has high glare blocking capability.

  • Control Temperature

Temperature keeps on fluctuating with season. Custom shades of certain materials absorb almost 90% heat and dissipate it keeping the ambiance of the patio quite comfortable.

  • Blocks Wind and Rain

Gentle breeze is enjoyable in parties in the patio but it can create mess too. With patio shade this can be prevented to a great extent. Similarly, rain is not at all welcoming at certain times. Custom window shades of PVC material in patios can give protection from rain.

  • Enables to Enjoy Outside View

Solar shades are available in varied degrees of opacities that allow you to enjoy outside view. They maintain privacy without obstructing external view.

So, don’t you think you should have patio shades?