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Custom Window Shades Bronx NY

Two Modern Solar Shades to Lower Cost and Heat. Solar blinds reduce heat gain which increases energy efficiency. Roller shades are contemporary solar blinds and that can be pulled up and down to block excess heat. Shutters are traditional solar coverings that also work great. These are motorized shades used for skylights and high raised windows.
Now, let’s take a quick glimpse at a few solar shades which not only block heat but also are cost-efficient.

Our draperies can be fabricated from many different materials and patterns including damasks, jacquards, plaids, brocades, scrolls, stripes, silk, velvet, cotton, rayon, vinyl, polyester and the list goes on. Glamour Decorating has a large selection of tassels and trims to accompany your drapery for an even more elegant and exciting look.

Drapery Designs in Bronx

  • Crown Exterior Solar Blinds

They provide ultimate protection from heat by blocking harmful UV rays and disseminating insufficient sunlight for lighting up the room. These are the perfect option for outdoor shades in city houses. You will find such shades in offices, commercial patios, and restaurants. These solar blinds are wonderful insulators and come in diverse colors like silver, white, ivory and charcoal. It also has the different degree of transparency. So, you can choose according to your preference.

  • Grabber Solar Shades

These shades block maximum sunlight and offer you privacy and comfort. They also lower cooling cost when there is no heat and restrict the use of light at daytime. There are varieties of fabrics of these solar shades that offer different degrees of transparencies. You can also protect valuables in your home by installing these shades. With these solar blinds maintain privacy and outside view at the same time.

These shades are beneficial to a home in many ways. Custom Window Shades Bronx

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