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With over three decades of excellence, Glamour Decorating has earned its reputation as a trusted leader in the industry. We meticulously attend to every detail, choosing only the finest materials and implementing the latest technology in each product. This unwavering commitment guarantees that our custom window treatments are not just functional but are also beautifully crafted to enhance your space in Long Island or the surrounding communities.

Perfectly-styled window treatments in Long Island

Our approach offers a broad array of design options, from fabric selection to the finer details like trims and hardware, so you can create a look that’s true to your taste. We take pride in our ability to blend traditional designs with the newest trends, always keeping our customers’ preferences and needs in mind. No matter if you’re updating your home or refreshing your workspace, trust us to provide you with a perfect custom window treatment for your decor.

Experience time-honored style & innovation

Added convenience

In today’s world, convenience is key, and our custom window treatments are designed to improve it. Imagine changing the ambiance of any room with just a button press, a tap on your mobile device, or a simple voice command. This ease of control goes beyond convenience; it transforms how you interact with your living environment or a workspace.

Increased privacy

Our custom window treatments offer an exceptional level of privacy. Whether you’re in a busy part of Long Island with neighbors close by or just want an extra layer of seclusion for your personal space, these treatments are crafted to give you the perfect level of seclusion. You can pick from a range of materials and levels of opacity to get just the right amount of coverage.

Window Treatments

Better energy efficiency

All our window treatments are crafted with your needs in mind. Whether you’re looking to let in more natural light, boost your privacy, or cut down on energy costs, we customize each option to suit your preferences. For instance, our cellular shades are excellent insulators, keeping your place cozy in the winter and cool in the summer, which can help reduce your energy bills.

See the difference with luxury window treatments

For us, this is more than just a business—it’s about honoring a family tradition of craftsmanship that has been passed down through generations. When you choose our coverings, you’re not just buying something off the shelf; you’re partnering directly with the people who make them. So, don’t miss our premium lineup of custom window treatments near you, including everything from shades to draperies and vertical blinds, all offered at great prices with quick delivery times.

Frequently Asked Questions

The right window treatments are key to achieving the desired aesthetic in any Long Island home or office, adding essential elements like depth, texture, and color. You can set the desired tone, from light and airy with translucent coverings to cozy and enclosed with thick, plush drapes.
The lifespan of custom window treatments depends on the material, how often they're used, and how well they're maintained. Generally, well-made custom window treatments can last from 5 to 15 years. Choosing high-quality materials and classic designs can help extend their life.
Window treatments do more than just enhance aesthetics and provide privacy—they can also help soundproof your Long Island space. Thicker materials such as heavy drapes or specialized acoustic curtains are more effective at absorbing sound than lighter fabrics. However, for more substantial soundproofing, further steps are typically needed. That's why we work closely with CitiQuiet, and offer comprehensive solutions that merge cutting-edge soundproofing technology with stylish window treatments.
The price of custom window treatments differ greatly based on a variety of factors such as the type of coverings, window size, selected materials, and any extra custom features or details you add.

Glamour Decorating is your go-to team for top-notch window treatments in NYC and beyond. Our experts bring their vast experience to every project, ensuring your space looks amazing with completely customized solutions. You can rely on us, whether you're near Belmont Lake State Park or elsewhere in the New York metropolitan area. Also, you can reach our specialists if you’re looking for modern window treatments in Manhattan, bespoke options in Long Island City, or anywhere else in the area. We’re at your disposal!

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