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Skillfully designed window treatments in Queens, NY

Transform your living or workspace with Glamour Decorating and our custom window treatments available in Queens and across NYC. Our bespoke creations boost your space’s functionality and set a standard in quality and design. As a family-operated business with a legacy spanning over 30 years, we’re dedicated to creating solutions that both enhance your environment and stand the test of time

Custom window treatments for a perfect ambiance

Looking to replace your windows treatments, which don’t quite fit your space in Queens anymore? Trust our team to tailor-make your ideal solution. We dive deep into your style and requirements to create unique pieces that fit perfectly, no matter the size or shape of your windows. Elevate any setting – home, commercial, or religious – with our hand-crafted elegance.

Setting the bar for custom window treatments in Queens

Upgraded functionality

Our window treatments are engineered for optimal privacy and energy efficiency. This way, we ensure that our stylish, tailored designs seamlessly upgrade the functionality of your space. Easily adjust the lighting and ambiance with our integrated solutions that don’t compromise on style.

Diverse design options

Choose from a vast selection of materials and design styles to find the perfect match. Our custom window treatments range from practical blinds to luxurious draperies, all designed to align with your interior decor and personal tastes. With our designs, your space can be both stylish and uniquely yours.

Window Treatments

Innovative features

For added convenience, many of our window treatments available near you can be motorized and set up to work as a part of your home automation system. This feature is ideal for the contemporary home or office, makes adjusting light and privacy even easier, and adds another layer of sophistication and style.

Our durable window treatments come with quality service

Our focus is on delivering stunning custom window treatments in Queens and beyond as well as providing excellent customer care. We listen, plan, and meticulously execute, always making sure that every detail is right, whether it’s for your office or your living room. With us, expect nothing less than durable, stylish solutions and a team that’s there to make every step of this process smooth and enjoyable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely, they are a worthwhile investment. With custom window treatments in Queens, you can upgrade the comfort and practicality of any space and completely transform its ambiance. They enhance the look of the room and offer functional benefits like privacy, light control, and insulation, which makes them a popular choice for many.
Window treatments are important in interior design because they add depth, texture, and color to a room. They can set the mood of the whole area, whether you're aiming for a light, airy feel with sheer curtains or seeking coziness with thick drapes.
Generally, your custom window treatments in Queens should fit into the overall design scheme of the space. This doesn’t mean that they have to match everything, and there are no strict rules about how to approach this. Like with any aspect of interior design, the goal is to create a cohesive look that ties all aspects of the room's decor together, be it through color, pattern, or texture.
Yes, window treatments can contribute to energy savings. They can provide an extra layer of insulation, which helps maintain indoor temperature. If energy efficiency is an important aspect of custom window treatments for you, you may want to consider options specifically designed for better thermal control.
Count on Glamour Decorating for a fusion of functionality and style in every custom window treatment we design. Our team’s expert help ensures you find your perfect fit from our vast selection of top-notch window treatment options for every space. From cozy homes in Astoria to commercial offices in Flushing, our commitment to excellence shines through in every project. But our reach covers more than Queens. If you need elegant window treatments in Brooklyn or custom window solutions in Long Island, we’ve got you covered throughout NYC. Contact us today to elevate your Queens home or office with our distinguished window treatments!

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