Designer Window Treatments To Restyle Your Home

June 21, 2021

Window dressing is an essential feature of a room but it is often overlooked. Window treatments can be purely decorative, functional or can create a balance between these two depending on the natural light entering a room and the space available. From flowing draperies to simple shutters, there are innumerable options for it.

Let’s have a quick glimpse of some designer window coverings you have never thought of…

  • Matchstick Blinds

Don’t have enough space in the room or patio? Go for slim blinds made of woven organic fabrics. They are the ideal choice for small spaces and allow natural light to flow in. it also makes a space airy. These blinds make a perfect window covering for a place where you want to spend some leisure hours reading books and having coffee sitting in a hanging chair.

  • Floral Roman Shades

As everyone knows, Roman shades add a sophisticated look to any room and the floral printed shades are an exclusive choice. They add patterns to rooms and to keep the room not looking funky, painting the walls neutral tones is recommended.

  • Sheer Panels or Curtains

Don’t you have enough windows in the room? The sheer panels are the best option as it maximizes light and makes the room look spacious. It allows the good amount of natural light to flow into a room preventing it from appearing closed off.

  • Botanical Blinds

With botanical printed shades, one can feel close to nature and have a soothing effect even when he is living the hustle and bustle of city life. Blue, green and silk floral bring nature inside a house.

  • Neutral Curtains

Curtains give an instant cozy effect. Neutral color curtains create a soft calm space no matter how big or small it is. They are perfect for study rooms.

  • Tall Drapes

Tall draperies give a room bigger dimension and also create a contrasting view. Dark color curtains with light or neutral shade walls will really create an astonishing room décor.