Different Degrees Of Visibility With Screen Roller Shades

June 25, 2018

Roller shades are made of a screen material or mesh having the different degree of openness. The weaving of the fabric allows light to pass through; depending on the weaving more or less light will show. This means, the tighter the weaving of the blind is, the smaller the holes will be.

Openness Factor Determining Visibility

Roller window shades are available with both large and small holes materials. Larger holes mean greater visibility through the material while smaller holes imply lesser visibility. Sunlight also enters more through large holes and outsiders can have inside view at night. However, these blinds are usually used in daytime. So, when someone is inside the room, he can easily have outside view through these blinds since it is brighter outside.

On the other hand, at night when it is brighter inside the home, people outside can see what is happening inside. This openness has a definition by means of percentage range, 0-10%.

‘0’ means there are no holes. The shade is made of solid material. This is used for complete privacy and for blocking out light completely. For media or TV rooms or bedrooms, this window covering is ideal.

‘1%’ means openness is very little and you can hardly see outside objects since the holes are too small.

‘2-3%’ roller shades have a little larger holes and this is the right choice for seeing outside and allowing the considerable amount of light. This window dressing also provides privacy.

‘5%’ is just the perfect when you want to have clear visibility as well as considerable amount of sun protection. This screen tones down glare entering a room. Therefore, you can now sit in a bright room and watch TV comfortably without being disturbed by sun’s glaze.

‘10-14%’ screens provide the best visibility. Such screens only diffuse sunlight; they do not block any view. They only soften sunlight. So, it is best to use black fabric for these screens because it will absorb light and tone down the glare.

Roller screen coverings can be varied types each of which has their unique characteristics. Different materials also create a soothing atmosphere inside the house. The variety of materials provides flexibility of use. Homeowners can install a variety of shades in different spaces according to their needs.