Simple Designing Guide To Church Renovation

April 2, 2018

Are you thinking of renovating your church? If thinking of church renovation, it is a good idea to discuss the main priorities with a group of experts.

Come, have a look at some of the latest architectural designs that will certainly welcome more church goers.

Architecture Designs for Welcoming More Visitors | Church Renovation

  •  Keep the entrance of the church clear. Make sure that the building is open and also inviting..
  •  The interior should be intuitive and easily navigable for example using signs for welcoming guests. Being transparent by designing the church in a way that the inside is visible to people outside, this would make the space more inviting.
  •  Adding neighbor-friendly features to this religious place will encourage the community to step in. for instance, having a restaurant style porch or a volleyball court or a coffee shop even, can invite more people.

Architecture Designs Blending with Neighborhood

Experts say that the design of a church renovation should blend with the neighborhood it is in. In fact, this religious place should become good neighbors with the people living in the community.

Here are some simple tips that will create a clear identity of the church and mesh with its surroundings.

  • Ensure that the architecture fits its adjoining neighborhood.A church should not necessarily resemble a house.
  • Churches having greater number of blocks should have a permeable campus. This does not destroy its neighborhood texture. Make the architecture in a manner that allows people to walk across church property through multiple routes.
  • Make architectural features like windows, steeple, tower and bell prominent. They should be visible from street as people approach the church.
  • Church doors must be inviting, magnificent and clearly visible. Their construction should be such that they should portray as if Lord Jesus is inviting all its followers for some peace.
  • When a church campus is expanded with trees,it showcases a good message. It also creates a wonderful ambiance. A place of praying amidst nature is always welcoming.
  • In all architectural features, don’t forget the signs. Experts say that if a church requires a sign to lead its people to Fellowship Hall, then it has design problems. Signs should communicate ethos of any church.

Get in touch with some expert designing company and make your House of Pray an epitome of love and peace.