Diverse Kinds Of Drapery Rods For You To Choose

January 22, 2021

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When you hang drapery on rods, purchasing the right rod is very important. There are a wide range of choices for these hanging rods. Do you know the different kinds of rods available in the market? Let’s take a more detailed look at some of the styles.

Cafe Curtain Rods

These rods are pocket style and are perfect for light sheer curtains. Caffe rods are generally used for picture windows.

Decorative Iron Rods

Drapery on decorative rods always looks good in any room. If you have windows starting from the ceiling, then it is better to use ceiling brackets together with grommet panels. You can find a huge selection of finials for decorative iron rods. The range of beautiful textures and colors of these rods are sure to meet the style of any window decoration.

Wooden Rods

To bring a traditional look into the interior of your home, you can hang drapery on wooden rods. Keep in mind that you should match the rod color with the picture frame of the room or interior furnishing. The stain color rod can be a great selection. However, if you wish to have a traditional look with a modern touch, then choose ebony color or add crystal finial to the wooden curtain rods. Pleated draperies on wooden rods look awesome as well. Again, pocket draperies on rich wooden curtain rods have a contemporary touch. Thus, you can decorate the windows with wooden rods in a diverse way.

Clean Curtain Rods

If you want to have a new and modern look, install draperies on a clear rod. For these kinds of curtain rods, pocket style draperies do not look good at all. Grommet panel style drapes look great on clear rods. You can try pleated draperies with contemporary pleats on nickel rings. This kind of window treatment can certainly enhance any interior decoration.