Diverse Kinds Of Fabrics For Curtains On Rod Style

June 8, 2019

The design of any room or home is incomplete without window treatments. Curtains are the most common and widely used window dressings. In most of the homes in Queens or Staten Island or any other place, the curtains on rods style is being used because of its utility, flexibility of maintenance and convenience. While selecting curtains, your fabric choice is very important. Fabric type affects the way curtains and drapes hang over the rod. The kind of fabric used in draperies also determines durability, coverage, texture and mode of cleanliness. Here we have selected certain fabrics for window curtains. Check which one matches your home décor.


It is a commonly used fabric for drapes and curtains because it is affordable, sturdy and durable. The best thing is that polyester curtains do not stretch, shrink or wrinkle. With low maintenance, they can be cleaned very easily. Polyester draperies are perfect for a living room or bedroom. There are a plethora of styles, patterns and colors are available in this fabric.


Linen is a billowy fabric, but it still offers a tailored look when used in curtains. Linen drapes are suitable for contemporary style living room, airy bedroom and casual dining space. Linen drapes very nicely and does not block sunlight. It allows natural light to liven up a living space.


Cotton curtains have versatility, as they have a clean and crisp feel. They suit both modern and traditional decorating styles. Cotton curtains also drape well. They fit quite nicely in a formal style dining room as well. Want to have privacy in your living room? Willing to block the sun into your bedroom? Tightly woven cotton draperies or lined cotton panels can meet your needs. This fabric is equally suitable for kid’s bedroom windows.


Silk curtains have weight and so they drape beautifully. They offer a romantic appeal that is ideal for formal dining spaces and bedrooms. However, silk needs dry cleaning and hence, laundering curtains of this fabric is time consuming and expensive. In affluent homes of Queens and Staten Island, one can find silk curtains.

These are only a few of the materials used for the curtains on rod style. There are many more to add to
the list.