Three Popular Methods of Hanging Curtains for Room Decoration

Often, curtains or draperies give the finishing touch to the décor of a room. The proper combination of texture, pattern, and color of drapes together with the panels can set a perfect mood and also influence everyone’s feelings. Now, there are different ways of hanging curtains. You should pick the best option for you!

Rod Pockets

This is the most common and classic method of hanging drapes. It is a casing or a sewn-in pocket at the upper portion of the drapery panel. This pocket easily slips into the rod and conceals it. You do not need any extra hardware to give this look. This style provides a casual and simple look.

Ring Clips

Ring clips are a popular way of hanging curtains. The clips are attached to the top portion of the curtain with rings which slide over the drapery rod. Custom made pole and ring drapery style was in vogue in the early days as much as they are prevalent in modern days. The advantage of this method above the previous one is that you can move the curtains easily with rings.

Hanging Pins

There are drapery pins which can also be used for hanging curtains. With plastic threads creating loops at the back of the drapery, this fashion gives a tailored look. It showcases a polished appearance and curtains can be moved smoothly along the panel.

These are three basic and popular hanging styles of curtains.