Elegantly Showcase The Windows With The Best Window Dressings

June 2, 2018

Nowadays, window dressing is no longer restricted to only colorful curtains. New styles and innovations have been discovered in window treatments for different rooms in a house or workplace. Each of these styles has their own unique features and functions. The best window treatment store can provide ideas and different kinds of window coverings befitting the needs of a place.


There are three basic categories of window treatments you can have in today’s world –

  • Soft window treatment – Coverings made from soft materials. For example – roman shades, valances, sheers, swags, drapes, and curtains.
  • Hard window treatment–Coverings from hard materials like vinyl or wood. For example –shutters, blinds, and shades.
  • Layered window dressing–It is a combination of both the above treatments.


  • Roman Shades

This is made of fabric that is easy to handle. They can be of fabric, wood or natural material like bamboo. When raised, it folds into pleats and looks beautiful. These shades have insulating qualities, control light perfectly and provide privacy. Roman shades look very elegant and are window coverings of the elite class.

  • Sheers or Net Curtains

As the name implies, net curtain or sheers are made from translucent fabrics. The sheerness can be of varying degree – barely visible, very thin and extremely rare. One can make these net curtains from nylon, silk, rayon or gossamer. Also, you will get varieties of colors of these curtains that will definitely add beauty to your home décor. The specialty of sheer curtains as though they are of translucent materials, they don’t allow outside people to see directly.

  • Drapes

Drapes or curtains, as it is commonly referred to, can create the sophisticated, casual or elegant look. Draperies can be of diverse patterns, colors, sizes, shapes, and materials. They are a popular choice for all house owners because they can absorb light, prevent ultraviolet rays from entering the house, can be easily cleaned and detain dust and oil.

  • Valances

Valances are a classic decorative treatment that brings pattern and color to simple windows. These are graceful and comprehensive window treatment that attracts the attention of all at a glance. Valances are also a perfect solution for covering up unwanted hardware items.

You can get any of these options of window dressing from the best window treatment store at your place. What are you waiting for?