Stunning Fancy Drapery Ideas For A Living Room

July 21, 2018

Living room design reflects the epitome of the homeowner’s style. You must have explored varied décor ideas and options to make every nook and corner look elegant. While making interior décor, you shouldn’t forget about the windows. They are a crucial element in room decoration.

Whether you prefer calm neutral shades or cheerful colors, there is fancy drapery design of all types and fabrics. Drapery selection can drastically change the interior look of a room.

Some Inspirational Living Room Drapes from Designers

  • Colorful and Bright Curtains

Curtains are just the right place for adding color to a living room while keeping other furniture in neutral shades. A living room with a colorful rug, light-colored sofa, and grommet drapery will add an accent to the entire room décor. This mixed pattern can share some similar color, like blue, to keep the space cohesive.

  • Breezy and Sheer Curtains

When it is about fancy drapery, you cannot go without choosing the sheer fabric. They not only portray style but also allow light into the room. Sheer curtains provide texture to the living room. If there are windows only on one side of the house, then sheer fabric window dressing is the best as it will maximize natural light. When the space in the living room is small, it is a good idea to blend the curtain with the wall because it will make space look bigger.

Again, sheer draperies in living rooms have a soft visual effect. This curtain allows people to focus more on the artworks and accessories in the room rather than on the window dressings.

  • Lined and Rich Curtains

Rich lined curtains have become one of the favorites to house owners. Linings make the curtain hang beautifully and also protect its material from being damaged. These draperies can also block light wonderfully and create privacy in the room. The lining blocks glare and light when closed. So, this is especially helpful for watching TV. The family can enjoy TV from any angle during the day or at night.

These are only a few choices for living room window covering. Reputed online companies provide many more ideas and materials for designing windows of a living room. They will help create an ideal design and décor with their selection of living room curtains.