Faux Wood Vertical Blinds – A Contemporary Window Dressing

August 29, 2019

Finding the perfect shades or blinds is an overwhelming task. Earlier, there were blinds with cords to make their lifting easy. But, over the years, much innovation has taken place in the home décor and interior designing industry. For instance, in recent times, faux wooden blinds have come up as a stylish window dressing for residential as well as commercial buildings. These modern window coverings are the best vertical blinds in New York City as they are a durable alternative to real wood blinds.

Why choose faux wood shades for windows?

Well, these faux wood window coverings offer a stylish contemporary look and suit various interior designs. Moreover, these shades have great longevity and always look chic. This is, in fact, a low cost, low maintenance fashionable window dressing. When there are kids in the home, then everything is more likely to have stains, especially from the food on their hands. However, these faux wood blinds can be easily cleaned everyday to keep away allergens and dust.

– Ideal for Bathrooms and Kitchens

Modern faux wood shades are made of durable PVC. It does not sound like something very glamorous, yet it looks much like real wood. Your guests will surely think that the blind is of real wood. Being made of PVC material, these faux wooden blinds are durable and can better stand against moisture. Natural wood easily gets stained due to moisture but faux wood can withstand a huge amount of moisture. This quality makes them perfect for bathroom and kitchen windows. The best feature of these blinds is they do not fade due to moisture. Instead, they can be cleaned using water. Further, these faux wooden blinds control privacy and hence, they are great for bathrooms.

– Perfect for Kids Rooms

Durability of faux wood shades makes them a wonderful window treatment for kid’s room. Another reason why these faux wood shades are the best vertical blinds for kids is they are cordless. Hence, they are safest for the smallest members of a house. They control privacy and the flow of natural light into a room. Therefore, these blinds allow plenty of light during day and block unwanted light at bedtime. So, these blinds are perfect for having a picture perfect home.