Furniture Re-Upholstery – Off-Trend Designs Speak Modern Language

June 18, 2018

Have an old furniture piece that is only occupying space in the room? Instead of getting rid of it, one can change an old fabric with a fresh new textile. Many outdated styles can also be changed to give the furniture an updated look. This is what upholstery service does for you.

Furniture upholsterer & re-upholstery in and around New York City provide an excellent service in giving old things a contemporary design.

Upholstering Furniture in a New Way

Antique pieces and vintage sofas can be upholstered into traditional designer or well-crafted furniture. Covering the sofa with micro-loft envelope will offer a luxurious and cushiony sitting experience. If the sofa has enough space, it is a good idea to expand the cushion crown. Shapes of some sofa accommodate higher loft. For those, polyester-based or down envelopes offer a good fitting round the flat foam already existing. This creates a plumped-up high-end look and gives a feel of classic British furniture.

Cushions on chairs and sofas mostly are messed up or appear dumpy as they don’t have their own structure. The traditional casual trend of adding welt or buttons in the cushions resolve their stiffness and portray style. This will not only be a new design but also keep the fabric in place making the entire look of the sofa very neat.

In the 60’s, skirted furniture was very much in fashion. Skirts were added to furniture to cover up its carved or tapered look. Now, that old style has again in vogue in upholstered furniture. One can add a removable skit design and if it is not necessary to remove the skirt, then it is a wonderful idea to choose waterfall style or tall skirts. It will give an opulent and polished appearance.

Button tufting has become a popular trend in modern age even though it is antique styling. It gives the furniture an elegant and stately look. When a blank and plain bench is upholstered with tufting, it gains a more textural and substantial appearance. Why the only furniture, interior doors are also recovered with this style. If you want a formal look, make diamond tufts and for the mid-century modern look, go for “biscuit” or square tufts.

These are some fashionable ways of transforming old outdated furniture into updated and modern furniture pieces.