Giving A Modernized Look To A Home With Innovative Window Dressings

May 29, 2021

a bedroom with a bed and two windows

Want to put the finishing touches on your home improvement project? To give a refurbished look to your home, you must consider improving the window treatments. Various styles of modern window coverings have come up to replace traditional shades. With such a wide selection of choices in window treatments, one is sure to design the room of your dreams. Modern window coverings are not only fashionable but also functional.


From modernized window treatments to traditional shades, there are endless ideas to explore.

  • Contrasting Draperies

Contrasting color curtains offer a modern touch to window coverings. They create a warm, distinct look and can be paired with any design or style – whether transitional or traditional. You should select drapes of strong color contrasting with warm neutral hues for a stylish layered window dressing. Contrasting curtains have a modern appeal and they should be paired with minimal fittings to have a polished and clean look.

  • Austrian Shades

Austrian shades are a fantastic way of adding flair and elegance instantly to any room. These are traditional shades but their romantic appeal and delicate layers make them a grand window covering. The allure and charm of this window treatment is sure to draw the attention of all. They can add texture and give a luxurious feel to any space.

  • Window Decals

Decals are stunning alternatives to traditional shades. A plethora of window decals are available these days that can conceal the interior while creating a beautifully stylish statement. The decals can elevate the look of a simple window. They are easy to install and are also less expensive than normal draperies.

  • Floor to Ceiling

Floor to ceiling drapes are another glamorous window treatment. With such long-length curtains, a room looks more expensive as well as expansive. They can make the smallest corner of your house appear bigger. The timeless appeal of these draperies is worth the money.

  • Black Color Window Frames

Traditional shades were usually installed in white color window frames. But now black color frames offer a more dramatic feel by standing out from the ordinary. It is best to install light color curtains with black window frames to create a balance. Black window frames can make bold colored, patterned and printed window treatments more attractive.

Which of these window treatments will you choose?