Use Vertical Blinds To Give Your Home A New Look

September 10, 2020

Planning to give your windows a refurbished look? Wondering about which blinds to choose? When choosing any type of  blind, always consider the window shape and type. For houses that have big and wide windows with wide sliding doors, it is best to choose vertical blinds. Horizontal blinds cannot cover up such doors and windows properly. On the contrary, vertical shading systems provide a good option for treating such windows. They are functional, have quite an aesthetic appeal and are also affordable.

What are the diverse kinds of vertical blinds?

Vertical blinds will serve as an amazing design component for a room. The vertical design of these blinds provides a contemporary look to any space. Now, there are myriads of choices for this window covering.

  • Metal Blinds

Metal blinds are the best choice for people with a limited budget. The panels or slats are made of aluminum and hence are easy to clean and maintain. The best metal vertical blinds have extreme durability and do not rust. They are available in a wide variety of thickness and color choices.

  • PVC Blinds

PVC is a popular material for vertical shading systems because they are durable, strong and can be personalized according to the style and the interior decoration of a room. PVC blinds have a variety of thickness, color and design. PVC material has resistance to flame and therefore, offers a safe and private option for buyers.

  • Wooden Blinds

Wooden blinds are the best vertical blinds to give a space a glamourous look. They add elegance to a room’s décor. Wooden window coverings are quite expensive but, faux wood blinds do exist, giving you the look of real wood but at a less expensive price. With this blind, even the most traditionally designed space get an added chic element.

  • Fabric Blinds

Want to have a neutral and soft feel? The best choice are fabric vertical blinds. There are huge variations of designs and colors in these types of blinds. This gives both a vibrant and unique touch to a room’s décor. Their maintenance is a bit difficult however because dust accumulates and there is also a chance of getting stained.

Maintenance of Blinds

Maintaining and caring for vertical blinds depends on which type of blind you choose. Metal, wood and PVC blinds can be easily maintained as the material prevents accumulation of dust and debris. These options are the best vertical blinds to choose for your doors and windows.