Contemporary Trend Of Hotel Window Treatments

July 4, 2018

Window treatments speak more than just disguising an ugly window dressing or portraying a beautiful frame. In this modern world, window covering is a chief element in property designing for public space or guestrooms. It also plays a crucial role in protecting interior designs and fabrics from the harmful effects of UV rays and regulating heat. With advancement in mechanical components and performance fabrics, designers now have greater creative options.

Hotel Shades and Window Dressing

In the hospitality industry, window coverings should have functionality and aesthetic appeal.

  • Light control, privacy, visibility and climatic condition are some crucial factors that determine perfect window covering. Window shades in hotels should be flexible and functional so that they can meet guests’ needs at any time of the day.
  • Room’s formality is another factor determining the kind of window dressing a hotel room will have. Room in a cold climate or having a formal tone should have heavy drapes that insulate as well as give a sculptural view. On the other hand, a casual room in resorts can have transparent, light-weight fabric for their window covering.
  • Durability and maintenance of window treatment are another important consideration. In a hotel that has a budget, this factor has great significance but when the budget is high, these are of less importance.
  • Simplicity rules window dressings in this modern world. The current trend is to use simple clean drapes and hotel window shades complementing the entire architecture of the room. The rooms should showcase a calm and serene ambiance. The fabrics of window coverings should be textural instead of being heavily patterned like old days.

Interior designers of hotels opine that this trend gives a fresh and clean look to hotel rooms and is also cost-effective.

Diverse Materials in Hotel Room Window Treatment

  • Sheers have become widely popular in hotel window treatments because of their beauty, versatility, and design.
  • Blackout curtains paired with sheers give a refined look and creates an additional elegance and layer of color to hotel rooms.
  • Fabrics these days have also leaned toward organic textures like raw silk of solid colors,green cotton velvet and nubby linens. They provide the ornate patterns that hoteliers desire to impart to their guests.

Besides these, custom screens, decorative panels, and huge size roller shades are also getting quite popular. Today, there is a modern solution for window dressing that fit practicality and budget.