How To Customize Roller Shades For A Chic Look?

July 4, 2021

Every individual likes to give their home a look that truly stands out and window treatments play a significant role in helping to achieve that. Though there are custom made roller shades and draperies, a more “plain” shade can steal the show, if used properly. There are many ways in which roller shadings can be made chic and contemporary. How should you customize roller shades?


Mounting the Shades within the Jamb

Experts always advise to install blinds and shades in the jamb instead of the exterior mounting. This means you should mount them on the wall. An inside mount gives a streamlined and discreet finish to the window treatment. With an outside mount, the shades seem to be superimposed.

Cover up the Mechanism

When shopping for roller shades, one should look for valances. A valance is a metal box that conceals the rollers and their mechanism. Using valances with shades provides a more custom made look to roller shades. Valances are not only useful but also add beauty to any existing interior décor. Valances of the same color as the shades look great! One can also choose to personalize the valance so that it matches the surrounding wall. This creates a fantastic look in the room and also conceals the shades completely when they are not in use.

Choose Proper Transparency

Roller shades do not have equal levels of opacity. When choosing custom made roller shades, one should check the different levels of opacity that come with each. For instance, blackout shades are best for a kid’s room. However, people usually look for shades that diffuse light. Thus, it is important that an individual has proper knowledge about the diverse degrees of light transmission through the shades and how that will affect their privacy and the impact on views of the outside.

Select a Nice Color

People are concerned about how their blinds and shades will complement the interior’s color scheme. But they do not focus on the color of their customize roller shades. Do you know that the color of the shades has an impact on the color of the light filtering through that shade? This affects how the objects inside the room will appear to you and others. This makes it even more important to pick the right color.