How To Design A Chic Look In Kids Room With Window Treatments?

January 5, 2019

Using decorative window treatments for the kid’s room enhances its beauty and lowers energy bills as well. Custom window shades provide insulation in summer days and warmth during winter months. The question that remains is how to get the right look for the window dressings in a child’s room? There are some dos and don’ts regarding this. Have a look…

Style Guidelines for the Right Window Treatment in a Kid’s Room

  • Blinds for Small Windows

Curtains are not at suitable for small size windows as they look messy. Curtains function properly and look best in large windows. Blinds are the best choice for small size nursery windows.

  • Don’t go for Floor Length Curtains

Floor length drapes should not be installed in a child’s room. Curtains should always be simple and short. Their length should be such that kids cannot reach it. Therefore, children will have less chance of pulling them down and/or harming themselves.

  • Go for Similar Styles

When choosing window coverings for children room, you should essentially select the same color, pattern, and style for all the windows. Matching window coverings with existing wall décor help create a cohesive design.

  • Go Green

Designing in an eco-friendly hue and pattern is good for kids. Companies offer environmentally friendly window dressings for children’s rooms. They are not harmful and do not contain any chemical materials and therefore, will keep the children and the whole family healthy. For instance, real wood shades and blinds are a good option.

  • Use Combined Window Dressing

Layering custom Roman shades with draperies is a great choice for children’s window dressings. It’s a beautiful way of adding texture to space and provides the perfect way to enhance room décor. A combination of window treatments is a great way of giving the kid’s room a sophisticated and polished look.

These are some window dressings that can add both texture and softness to a child’s room.