Key Trends In Window Treatments For Exotic Hotel Experience

June 17, 2018

When designing a hotel room, the owner gets endless choices. Selecting the right window treatment is one of the biggest décor challenges. With numerous options available today, it is very difficult to be sure what the best window dressing for your particular space. Reputed companies offer different kinds of hotel drapery, the hardware required for installation and other kinds of services.

After researching through the different styles and the companies offer, we have come up with top latest trends. Here they are …

  • Using Natural Materials

Whether it is modern décor or the bohemian fashion, every decoration style seems to incorporate natural materials in their designing. Wooden blinds and shades are just perfect for creating natural beauty in a hotel room. Various custom styles are available for woven wood hotel shades and the wide range of materials like grass, bamboo, and other natural elements are used.

In renowned companies, skilled artisans construct every shade to showcase the organic feel. Versatility, durability and exotic finishing of wooden shades create a classic look in any hotel room. Using this eco-friendly material has now become a trend.

  • Layering

Layering window treatment is a great way to have a designer feel in a hotel room décor. Extensive range of products these days offers various combinations like Roman shade with drapery, cellular shade with drapery or solar and Roman shade. Mixing textures and patterns portrays an innovative look and creates a personalized space. The additional advantage of layering is that it gives the opportunity of controlling the light letting into the room. For instance, combining a light filtering shade with a blackout panel will magically control light and give hotel room the vibe guests look for.

  • Simple Motorization

This will be a great innovation for hotel drapery. Everyone is constantly in search of streamline simplicity. That is why, motorization in window coverings have emerged as one of the biggest trends. Many companies provide state-of-the-art motorized blinds, drapery and shades. The exclusive collection of this window treatment is not at all noisy, uses the eco-friendly battery, and has the option of timers and most smartly, operation through a smartphone.

Motors of these automated window coverings are reliable and of superior quality and is sure to give guests of the hotel an extraordinary feel and comfort.

Check out these trends while thinking of window dressing in a hotel or house. They are surely to attract every user.