Top Reasons To Have Motorized Shades In Modern Homes

February 13, 2021

a living room filled with furniture and a large window

Windows of a home are not solely there to just let in natural light. They add to the overall beauty of the entire home. In addition, windows also define spaces and create a boundary between the outdoors and you. Now, operating these windows is a task, especially the ones which are difficult to reach. How about adding functionality and beauty to a room without making noise or disrupting walls? This is possible with motorized shades. Motorization in window treatments not only make their operation easy but also helps to improve a home overall.


Child Safety with a Cordless Home

Motorized shades are free of cords and hence, are quite safe especially for homes with pets or children. Since there are no dangling cords, there is no chance of children getting tangled in the strings. Even if not motorized, many manufacturers have used improved technology in window shades to ensure child safety. There are shades in which tassels end on lift cords to avoid the chance of entanglement.

New Improvements in Shade Technology Offers More Reliable Systems

Motorized shades have become very popular these days and are used much more than traditional ones. These shades also last longer than the traditional ones. Automated window treatments are convenient to use and are attractive. Moreover, new modes of motorization offer a soundless system and better battery life. Operation of modern shades does not disturb your rest. You no longer have the hassle of pulling the chains or cranks. Automated window shades move without any hassle.
Today’s advanced shades can even be operated through your tablet or smartphone. You can schedule a precise time to close and open the window treatments through your smartphone. Window treatments will raise and lower even when you are not at home. This helps save time as you no longer need to stay at home to operate the window treatments.

Improved Privacy Where and When Needed

Many people love vaulted ceilings but operating the shades of that skylight is a tough task. Motorized shades with pleats are a wonderful solution for tall windows, skylights and windows which are just hard to reach. By simply pressing a button, you can operate the pleated shades of your skylights or tall windows. When you watch a movie, you might not feel like reaching for the windows to close the window treatments. With a press of a button, you can close your automated blinds and shades. Thus, automated window treatments give you privacy when you need without having to physically move to the windows.

“Alexa” and Wi-Fi Thermostat Integrated Shades for Energy Efficiency

Technological advancements have taken place to such an extent that motorized window shades can now operate on “Alexa” and Wi-Fi connectivity. You can now close and open your window coverings by just word of mouth. There is no need to move to the window or press any button. You can now tell Alexa to operate your window shades for you. The shades will automatically open during the sunny days of Winter and close during the scorching heat of Summer. This will improve home temperature and make you more energy efficient.

Protection to Furniture and Window Treatments from UV Rays

Motorized shades and blinds extend the life of a window treatment. Gentle operation of motors in automated shades reduces wear and tear. Tugging cords can damage the fabric of any window treatment and ultimately, loosens their hardware. On the contrary, motorized window treatments move up and down effortlessly. Hence, these shades last for a longer time than the traditional window coverings.

Adding Style to Home Décor with Colorful Automated Shades

Motorized shades and blinds come in various elegant designs, making them capable of matching the interior design of almost any home. Honeycomb cell shades are one of the new window treatments that are not only energy efficient but also effortlessly blend with any interior decoration. There is a plethora of choices of colors for motorized window treatments, making it easy for home owners to pick the shade according to their interior color. Moreover, automated window shades are also available in diverse materials like sheer, semi-opaque and room darkening materials.
The different light filtering window coverings create a glow which makes a room color look exceptional. They also improve the overall appearance of a house.

Improving Home Security with Motorized Window Treatments

Intruders look for an opportunity to enter your house when it is empty. Motorized window shades with their security features do not give this chance to the intruders. The advanced technology in these window treatments enables you to preset the timing for closing and opening the shades, when you are not at home. Automatic window treatments can open during daytime and close by evening, thereby, giving a feeling that the home is occupied. They also can be programmed to move all throughout the day. This ensures complete home security.
Thus, motorized shades come with immense benefits and can completely transform the look of any home.