Motorized Window Shades – How Can They Help You This Winter?

November 26, 2019

Winter is approaching at a rapid pace and so, it is necessary that you have proper window coverings to retain heat and warmth inside. You will not believe how much-motorized shades and blinds can help you in this regard! Just as they keep out the heat during summer days, similarly, they can add warmth to your interior during the winter months. If you can contain the heat inside your home, you can lower the use of heating systems which, in turn, can lower your energy bills.

How can motorized window dressings help in this?

You know how automated shades block glare and sun’s rays thereby eliminating heat and keeping the inside cool. Reverse logic is applied in wintertime. During the cold months, instead of keeping out heat, these shades trap heat inside. This window treatment acts as an insulator. The fabric is the barrier between warm air inside and the window. Honeycomb motorized shading is incredibly effective in this context because they form small pockets that trap and regulate temperature further.

With motorization, you can open and close your window covering by simply pressing a button. You can even use your smartphone or tablet to operate your windows as well. It doesn’t get any more convenient than this! You can even program your system to automatically operate the shades. They can be programmed to open during daytime and capture as much daylight they can.

Motorized shades are indeed a smart window dressing that offers lots of benefits. How? With regular shades, one has to manually adjust them, otherwise, it will remain closed all the time or open throughout the day. In both cases, the house owner will suffer. With this smart automation, you can enjoy the best of both worlds – outside view and inside temperature. No longer are you limited to how you left your shades before leaving the house?

However, like all technology, it is best to do a bit of research to find the best-motorized shading for your home. There are a number of brands offering an automated shading system in today’s market. Being motorized does not mean that these shades will create a lot of noise. There are many automated shading solutions that move up and down without making a sound. They are super quiet. A little touch makes a big difference in the ambiance of a room and overall window décor.