Diverse Options Of Upgrading Custom Window Shades And Dressing

August 6, 2018

There are a variety of options when upgrading drapes and shades; different kinds of linings, materials, and controls. With such a huge collection, one is sure to have a perfect expression of style in their custom window shades.

Let’s find out how one can enhance the look of their window dressings…

  • Shades and Draperies with Stylish Decorative Borders

A homeowner can create a statement by choosing the bold accent color for his window dressing or can convert his windows into artworks. Whatever may the wish of the owner be, decorative borders in drapes and shades can elevate the look of the window instantly and add a “wow” factor to it. There are varied types of borders in contrast colors that can match the style of different drapes and shades.

  • Topping with Valances and Cornices

Valances and cornices are fixed at the top of any window covering to add style and have the extra light blockage. Cornices are suitable for use in any customized window dressing while valances are only an optional element for selective styles of Solar, Woven Wood, Roman and Roller Shades. Valances and cornices are a decorative accent and are useful for hiding hardware of custom window shades.

  • Motorized and cordless control

Having a new control system is a great option when upgrading a window treatment. For some blinds, drapes, and shades, you can use cordless control. It works great for kids and is especially suitable for homes having small children. There is also motorized control which enables you to close and open a window covering by just touching a button. There are battery and motor system as well as the plug-in system. One can automatically operate his window dressing by setting the timer.

  • Customized Lining Option

There are diverse kinds of lining options for drapery and Roman shades. What are these linings? These are nothing but the addition of a fabric at the back of any window dressing to add some weight to the material and have increased insulation, light blockage, and UV protection. Choosing the correct lining for drapes or shades offers beauty and functionality.

These are the various upgrading options for any window treatment to enhance its look and add some style. One has the option to browse through numerous designs and choices befitting his window covering.