How To Find The Perfect Window Treatment For A Room?

November 25, 2018

Windows have the potentiality to make a room fabulous or create a design disaster. But now, with so many stylish window dressings, you can easily transform the look of your room. One can create the feel of the room as he wants with his preferred window treatment.

But, how to choose the right window covering for your home? Here are certain tips to pick the best window treatments that can beauty the room in an instance.


Accurate measurement of the windows is critical for getting the right curtains or other window coverings suitable to one’s personal space and style. So, measure the windows twice for perfection. After taking the measurements it is wise to add 8 inches to the width and 6 inches to height so that the window dressing covers the entire window. Hanging curtains from a height create a sense of vertical space and are good for rooms with low ceilings.


When selecting any window dressing, think about the amount of light you like to have inside the room. Natural light is friendly and welcoming but it is not suitable for all rooms. Thus, you have to choose the fabric accordingly – thick fabric for more privacy and blocking out light and sheer shade or drapes for rooms where you want little privacy and light.


Living room of a house performs varied functions. It is sometimes the venue for the small party and other time, it is the right place for a movie. So, you have to think of your window treatment in such a way that it is perfect for all occasions. Design window covering with versatility and ensure that it creates airy ambiance inside the room.

Choosing the best window treatments is a tricky job which you should adapt to give your home a fresh new look.