Remote Control Window Shades Make A Smart Home

June 23, 2018

Shading technology has now become better and more affordable than before. Motorized shades are new on the market and are also available at a competitive price.  These automated shades match any type of home décor, be it modern or simple.

Blackout Window Shading

Blackout shades are a common type of window coverings available today. Remote control blackout shades come with unique features and can be customized according to color, pattern, and measurement of a house. The special feature of these shades is their superior sun protection. To have enhanced privacy in any place, it is necessary to regulate the light in that place and this automated shading technology is the best solution.

With wireless protocol, this shading technology use low-energy communication waves. With the help of a smart device, you can control all the shades.

Reasons Why House Owners are opting for Motorized Window Blinds and Shades

  • Convenience

This is the prime advantage of using automated shades and blinds. With just pressing a button, you can access Z-wave window coverings. These are especially helpful for shades and blinds that are hard to reach. With the help of remote control, homeowners can comfortably adjust these shades. No matter where a person is, he can automatically close and open a blind or shade.

  • Energy Efficiency

One can program remote control blackout shades and motorized blinds to adapt automatically to the cold or warmth of the day. This helps in saving energy bills. They not only regulate heat and cold with the help of their temperature sensors but also prevent the entry of harmful UV rays. With these shades, an owner can make his home a smart hub.

  • Safety & Security

One can improve home security with automated blinds and shades. One can pre-program his shades by using sensors and programmed timers. This will give outsiders the sense that there are people inside the house. With motorized window coverings, house owners can also protect the appearance of wooden floors, arts, furniture and other valuable items.

  • Privacy

This is the major concern which is why people prefer installing shades and blinds. It is in fact an important benefit of motorized shades and blinds. Remote control blackout shades can create an ambiance that many house owners look forward to.