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Wooden or Metal Blinds – Which Will be Suitable for Your Home Décor?

So, you have decided to install Venetian blinds for your home. These blinds are a classic and elegant choice for any window covering. Their stylish designing is just unsurpassed! Now, just as it is essential to decide the style of a blind, similarly, it is also important to carefully choose the material of the blinds. Wood and Metal blinds are usually the popular materials for such window dressings.


If you wish to give your home a warm and natural look, then wooden blinds are the best choice. They are constructed from pine, oak and other varieties of gorgeous woods. These blinds offer a beautiful pastoral look to any home and soften any modern design. Wooden shades come in diverse painted finishes giving a wonderful appearance. As well as for the metal blinds there is a huge array of colors and choices such as flat or glossy finishes. Both of these choices have an aesthetic appeal and beautify a modern home.


This is something that people mostly do not consider while purchasing a window treatment. But, it is essential to consider this factor as they make a sound while closing and opening. Wooden shades make a gentle clacking sound which is quite pleasant. While metal blinds, make a rustling sound at the time of opening, some clients may over look this due to their appeal in a modern home.


Often blinds are installed outside the window and therefore, moisture resistance becomes a crucial factor for consideration. Also, this feature helps you to decide whether you can install it in a particular place. Since wood readily absorbs moisture, they are fit for places like kitchens and bathrooms. It is because when wood absorbs moisture, it might discolor and hence, its lifespan will be reduced. So, where there are chances of moisture, it is always better to install metal window coverings. Metal window dressings can resist all and any kind of moisture thereby, making them a perfect choice for kitchen and bathroom windows.

So, these are some considerations of wood and metal blinds that you should take into account while purchasing them for your home. This will help you to make a wise decision and give your home a wonderful look. A Plethora of window treatments is available across the market.

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