Simple Tips To Mount Drapery On Rods

December 12, 2019

Draperies and curtains give the perfect finishing touch to any window decoration. Drapery on rods is a traditional design style that fits all kinds of windows. Now, you have to choose your drapery hardware and curtain rods according to your window style. There are a variety of choices across the market, some of which will provide a subtle accent, while others will make a bold statement. They give a clean, finished look to the interior.

You can select any kind of drapery and curtain style, but, make sure that you know how to install the rods properly. Here is a simple guide that can make your installation of drapery rod pretty easy.

Which tools are required for installing curtains rods?

You should have proper tools and resources prior to installing drapery rods. The tools you need are a –

▪ Step ladder
▪ Drill
▪ Meta tape for measurement
▪ Screwdriver

It is always advisable to hire a professional for the task to ensure the installation is done properly. Professionals will make correct measurements and provide a perfect installation service.

Before Installing Drapery Rods

Before choosing drapery rods, you should choose the drapery, as your curtain style will determine the style, design and the type of rod you will select. Curtain length is also important, as it decides the height where one can mount the rod on the wall. Lots of drapery on rods collections are available from online stores that can add texture, color, and design to any room.

Installing Curtain Rods

There are various kinds of curtain rods and they should be installed properly.

▪ Mark the rod’s placement
▪ Mark the position for placing the rod bracket
▪ Next, is to mount the curtain rod bracket
▪ Now, attach the rod to the bracket
▪ Finally, hang the drapery

The task is not as easy as it appears. One should get in touch with a professional to make the installation hassle-free.