Solar Shades – Block Heat And Glare & Not Beautiful Outside View

November 13, 2018

Energy efficiency is the prime criterion of choosing window dressing. Window coverings can save a good deal of money by controlling heat. They can retain heat during winter and prevent heat in summer thereby providing insulation always. Solar screen shades are what we are looking for. They save money on energy cost. This window dressing reduces heat and glare, protect furnishing from harmful UV rays without hampering outside view.

Here are two basic advantages of using these shades…

  • Protecting the View

These solar screens reduce glare and hence, you can gaze out of the window and enjoy outside beauty without any distractions. Vinyl mesh is used for making this window covering and so, it is available in varied degrees of openness. Fabric with greater openness means greater outside visibility and also indicates how much light will enter through the shades.

  • Protecting from UV Rays

Everyone knows very well how harmful are UV rays. Windows which do not have proper covering affect the interior most. UV rays not only increase heat and light but also degrade furnishing and the interior. UV radiation can also damage skin cells and cause different kinds of diseases. Solar shades are the best alternative to safeguard from all these. With this window treatment, you can get 90 to 99% UV protection.

Solar screen shades not only give protection from solar heat but also are a chic and elegant addition to home décor. Solar window coverings are the best for large windows which allow too much of light inside the house.