Some Popular Choices Of Drapery On Rods Styles

June 23, 2021

Have you ever thought about what the purpose of a window treatment is? Window treatments provide privacy and add a stylish statement to any room. You can choose a bright colored drapery on rods for an exciting contrast with the room’s walls and enlarge a space visually. Whatever may be your choice of window treatment, they are sure to showcase a splash of fashion.

When selecting drapes or curtains, it is necessary to know the different options.


Rings are called grommets and the drape hangs from these rings which are either inserted in the fabric or are attached to the top of the panel. In this drapery on rods style, curtain rods get substantial exposure and hence, it is good to use metal or wooden rods having decorative finials. These ringed draperies go with almost all kinds of decorating style from sleek contemporary to a casual look.


For these panels, lightweight fabrics are the best. They can be easily hung and give a casual feel. There is a channel at the top of the panel through which the rod slips into the curtain. In this drapery on rods style, it is good to use more fabric because with more fabric squeezing into the rod, it gives a dramatic feel. Rod-pocket panels are usually kept in a closed position or are tied with decorative tiebacks.


Pleated panels have a classic appeal and therefore, they never go out of fashion. They look very formal and match well with traditional or formal decorating styles. Varied kinds of pleats can be used in this drapery on rods style window covering. There are –

  • Tuxedo pleats
  • Cartridge pleats
  • Pencil pleats
  • Goblet pleats
  • Pinch pleats

In this style since the whole rod is visible, it is better to use decorative curtain rods and valances instead of simple ones.


This window dressing is perfect for showcasing the pattern and prints of the drape. This drapery on rods option goes well with more casual decorating styles. These panels are usually kept stationary and hence, used in windows that are not opened regularly.