Tips To Keep Your Upholstery Clean And Odor-Free

May 25, 2018

People generally question how to clean upholstery. A person has to be very particular in cleaning upholstered furniture to prevent it from staining and smell. How to clean such precious things? Here are some useful tips to help you.

Simple Tips to Clean Upholstery

  • Vacuum

Vacuum should be regularly used for preventing crumbs and dust particles that can damage the furniture. The owner should use upholstery attachments and crevice nozzle for thorough cleanup covering every side of frame cover, crevices, nooks, and cushions. Steam cleaners too are used for this purpose. They are generally used for deodorizing and removing stains.

  • Spatula

A person has to first remove excess dust and set up the area where he wants to use a cleaner. Plastic spatulas help a lot in this regard as they can scrape off all dust particles. A spatula is a soft and gentle device that has no corrugated parts. So, there is no need to fear to pull off the fabric while using this.

  • Baby Wipes

These are extremely effective and non-abrasive cleaning tool that helps to get rid of stains from any upholstery. These soft moist wipes help in sanitizing as well as deodorizing stains. They have the right proportion of soap and water. These wipes are very gentle and evaporate quickly.

  • Home-made Stain Remover and Cleaner

Stain removers are at times very dangerous. So, before using them you should test them ina small portion and check their effectiveness. When the product is right, stains are easily removed. Home-made cleaner consists of a mixture of dishwashing liquid and warm water. Make sure that this liquid generates sufficient foam. Use a sponge and apply it over the whole upholstery. Then, rinse with cold water and let the furniture dry.

To make furniture odorless one can also make a fine paste of Borax, salt, and vinegar and apply this paste over stain area in a circular way with a brush. When the paste dries, wash it off.