Different Traditional Window Shades For Modern Homes

March 31, 2021

a bedroom with a bed and a chandelier

When renovating your home, one often looks to replace the outdated décor. You may think of the windows where you have traditional shades. No window dressing can ever replace the beauty and durability of these conventional window coverings. Nowadays, window treatments are categorized into 3 broad types namely:

  • Hard Window Dressings that include shutters, blinds and shades made of vinyl and wood.
  • Soft Window Coverings that include Roman shades, swags, curtains, sheers and valances made of soft materials.
  • Layered windows which are a combination of both soft and hard dressings.


  • Window Shutters

There can be fixed or louvered slats in shutters and they can be made of plastic or wood. These traditional shades are used for various reasons like:

  • For controlling sunlight entering a room
  • For security and privacy
  • For protecting furnishing against unwanted intrusion or weather
  • For preventing damage
  • For enhancing the aesthetic appeal of a house

Shutters are now available in interior or exterior versions.

  • Woven Wood Shades

This is a costly window dressing but is worth the investment. It has a classy look and a natural texture that enhances the beauty of any interior décor. These shades come in sophisticated colors, woods, exotic grasses, reed and complex textures.

  • Venetian Blinds

These blinds are made of either plastic, metal or wood. The slats rotate in such a way that they overlap with one another to ensure privacy. You can vary the rotation and have different degrees of separation.

  • Vertical Blinds

These traditional window shades are best for large size doors and windows and sliding doors. The best thing is that they require less muscle strength and are easy to operate. Vertical blinds are a perfect choice for covering patio doors. Fabric blinds are also available in this variety. They help insulate a room and reduce noise.


  • Pleated Blinds

These traditional shades are made from pleated materials. They sit flatley at the window top when they are open and so, they completely hide from view giving the window dressing a neat look.

  • Cellular Shades

This is one of the popular traditional shades that come in a honeycomb design. It insulates the home by maximizing energy efficiency. From blackout to light filtering, these shades come in varied degrees of light control. They are usually made of cloth-like material or soft paper.