Trendy Window Shades Treatments To Give A Room Chic Look

June 2, 2018

Window treatment has a significant role to play in the modern design of a house. Style combined with elegance is the feel of today’s styled homes. People try to mix organic or rustic pieces with advanced pieces to get the best look. The theme of modern designing is to keep things clean and have warmth and comfort in the interior. Shades and blinds have a lot of contribution in this regard. Windows & clutch shades treatments have also become very popular in New York City.

Different Types of Exotic Window Shades for Chic Look

  • Layered Shades

These shades create a modern statement in any room. Accent walls are always a focal point for modern rooms and layered shades on it create a distinct visual effect within it. Layered shades are also a perfect match for open space where window treatment should not be too loud. They are crisp, clean and rightly blend with home’s airiness and architecture.

  • Sheer Shades

A sitting room having touches of contemporary designs and appeal, like abstract art, exposed wooden furniture, and accent wall, must have a beautiful window treatment. Wooden pieces seem to add warmth and a natural feel to the room. Window covering should also be selected such that it adds liveliness. Sheer shades are the right choice here because of its openness and lightweight. They preserve the privacy but do not distract the beauty of a room.

  • Solar Shades

This adds an organic elegance to contemporary room décor. Solar shades perfectly match a room having the natural feel. Modernist influence in such rooms is portrayed through the color of the room. Solar shades in such rooms reflect its mood. They add to the beauty of the room without obstructing the outdoor view.

  • Window Blinds

This window dressing creates elongate space and modern lines. This is a modern style of window covering that showcases minimalism. Horizontal lines of the blinds greatly contrast with vertical nature of the room. Setting up these blinds in the window of a small space will make it look larger from all directions. Window blinds in rooms with low ceiling completely change its feel.

These are a few window treatments that can bring any space to life. Prominent service providers can create an ideal treatment for any room and enlighten it.