Vertical Blinds, Faux Wood Or Wooden Blinds – Comparing Window Blinds

October 12, 2018

Learning about diverse kinds of blinds and the environments in which they work best is good to make the right decision regarding window treatments.


  • Vertical Blinds & Its Features

These blinds are just perfect for large windows and sliding doors. This window covering is common in office buildings. The best vertical blinds work in any environment. When closed, the blind panels stack together occupying lesser space in window casing than draperies. Since vertical blinds can be opened completely or partially they provide wonderful light and heat control.

  • Characteristics of Faux Wood Blinds

Faux wood looks much like real wood but they have greater resilience and flexibility and do not break easily like wooden blinds. The weight of faux wood is a little more than actual wood and hence, they are hard to raise or lower. These blinds are made of PVC or vinyl partially thereby making them moisture resistant. Such blinds are the great choice for kitchen and bathrooms. Cleaning these window coverings is pretty easy as one can use any cleaning solution he likes.

These blinds have limited color options and so, homeowners have to select them skillfully to match with their home décor. One can give faux wood blinds a bright look by adding decorative tapes on the cord for hiding them.

  • Wooden Blinds Features

Wooden blinds bring elegance and warmth to any room. They fit perfectly with any home decor, be it contemporary or traditional. You will get hardwood blinds in a wide range of stains and color to match any interior decoration. However, these blinds are not fit for rooms having high moisture, like the laundry room, bathroom, and kitchen. This window covering lasts for a long time and being lightweight, it can be raised and lowered easily. Moreover, wooden blinds are a great insulator against heat and cold.

Now, that you have an idea about the different kinds of blinds it will be easier for you to pick a choice.