When To Look For A Furniture Upholsterer?

January 14, 2019

New furniture is always fashionable and beautiful. Owners are always excited to purchase a new furniture piece. But, have you ever thought that your old furniture can be refurbished into a stylish new piece? It’s possible! A professional furniture upholsterer can completely change the look of your dining chair, lounge chair or couch.

Which is the best time to reupholster an old furniture piece? When to call for an upholsterer? Let’s find out…

There are certain occasions when reupholstering is just the perfect option.

  • When redecorating the house

This is an important occasion when people wish to reupholster their old furniture pieces. Renovation can sometimes highlight the old shabby things in the house, which might include your armchair or couch. So, it is a good idea to reupholster them with new fabrics and design suitable to the latest interior décor of the house. Instead of discarding the couch or lounge chair, you can have them reupholstered with a modern look. This will not only enhance the interior décor of your house, but it will also help you to restore an old or antique furniture piece.

  • When furniture material has worn out

Sometimes, the fabric or leather of the old furniture is worn out in such a manner that the inside foam is visible. If this is the case, then you should understand that it’s time for reupholstering. One can hang on the old style and select the same color and fabric for reupholstering. Alternatively, one can also think of giving the furniture a completely modern look and style. A professional furniture upholsterer can advise on the type of fabric, color, and style that will match your old furniture and complement your current interior décor.

So, reupholstering an old furniture piece can be an exciting and enjoyable affair. You can bring new life into an old piece rather than simply discard it. Do a bit of research so that you can have an affordable upholstery service.