Wooden Or Metal Rods – Which Is The Right Choice?

December 12, 2018

Window dressing plays a significant role in beautifying a room décor. The Right choice of decorative rods can create a “wow” factor for curtains and give you the feel and look you desire. Metal and wooden curtain rods are common choices. Now, the question is, which one will be best for you?

Why Choose Hanging curtains on rods


Hanging curtains on rods add a stately feel and also a natural element to room decoration. The right a perfect addition for rooms with wooden furniture. Wooden rods are always a chic modern element. These rods are just perfect for tall and wide windows. They can support heavy weight curtains much better than the metal ones. Larger the windows greater will be the diameter of the rods.

Both unfinished and pre-finished rods are available in varied styles. Fluted wood curtain rods are quite popular since they give a “tow-toned” look. Pre-finished rods come in varieties of paints and stains. Chunky wooden rods with crackle finishing can create an exotic and luxurious look. Hang solid silken curtains on rods with rings. This style perfectly matches dining room and living room decor.


If you are looking for a contemporary style in window dressing, you should go for metallic rods. While hanging Wooden Or Metal Rods, one can use  finials to give window dressing a unique one. Finials are available in funky shapes and even in mirror and glass components. These rods create a wonderful contrast in rooms with lots of wooden furniture. Use chromeor polished nickel rods for adding glitz to any room.

Wooden Or Metal Rods are not the right choice for wide windows. However, one can use these rods for large size windows but it should be of larger diameter and must have numerous brackets for supporting the rod. Since metal rods are hollow inside, they can bend like a bow when used in wide windows.

So, which rod will be best for your window?