Why Decorative Roller Shades Are The First Preference Of Homeowners?

December 17, 2018

Creative arts and abstract prints are all the rage in window blinds today. For instance, traditional screen roller shades are now replaced with decorative ones. Today’s fashion conscious generation prefer modern fabrics and chic creative designs in their window treatments. Thus, the industry has come up with a collection of decorative shades which customers are sure to like and love.

Why will you love decorative roller window dressings?

  • Color Pops

Recently, a trend is been noticed amongst homeowners. They prefer neutral palates furniture and wall paper and want to add bold colors to their space through window blinds. As a result, modern homes have a vibrant chic decoration. Decorative window treatments are the appropriate choice for such preferences. Printed shades are available in neutral tones as well.

  • Versatility

Modern decorative roller shadesdiffer from the traditional ones in their pattern designs and fabric composition. Modern shades perform the same function as the traditional ones but they have an elegant appearance and make a fashionable addition to home décor. They are also compatible with varied valance options. Modern decorative roller shades also great to have motorized.

  • Blackout shades

The blackout variety of these shades has a different feel and look as compared with the standard ones. No doubt that the standard blackout window coverings are good but the new blackout patterns offer a contemporary look. The new collection is a fashionable addition to any interior décor. The biggest benefit to this, is that decorative blackout shades can be a stand-alone treatment and do not need to be paired with drapery panels.

  • Tone on Tone

Tone on tone patterns give an illusion of depth to roller shade fabrics. In this pattern, different tones of the same color are used to create the design and texture. The specialty of this type of fabric is its versatility. Tone on tone fabrics applicable in modern, contemporary, and traditional décor These shades can be used as clutch shades operation as well as motorized shades.