Motorized Shades – Smart Window Dressing For Modern Homes

March 31, 2019

Summer days are becoming hotter every year and the UV rays of the sun are affecting both the exterior and interior of the home. Hence, it has become necessary to install some shading on the windows to prevent the unfavorable impact of the harmful rays of the sun.

When sunlight streams into a room, it not only destroys flooring, furnishing and fades the luster of artworks, it also raises the internal temperature. As a result, AC has to work harder and your energy bill increases. In such a scenario, blinds and shades are the best alternative for windows that can give relief from such an uncomfortable situation.

Why opt for motorized window dressing?

Now, everyone is busy with their daily chores of work. So, adjusting every shade manually can turn out to be a tedious job. Then what is one to do? Motorized or automated shades are the perfect solution! It is the right investment for a smart home. These shades –

  • Save time
  • Save money
  • Protect a home’s interior and furnishings from harmful UV rays
  • Offer a comfortable ambience

Automated window treatments are available in a variety of styles suiting windows of every shape and size. You will be overwhelmed to know that some of these automated window dressings work perfectly with existing window coverings!

Operating motorized window treatments is pretty easy, irrespective of the type, style and size of the window dressing. You can raise and close the shades by pressing a button on the remote control or with an app on your smartphone. Some automated shades can also be operated through voice control. Now, it takes only a few seconds to open or close motorized shades. You can do everything from the comfort of your couch.

Many automated shading systems are even integrated with smart devices like sensors and timers. This automation completely frees you from managing them. You can operate them from any place.