Why People Love Remote Control Window Shades And Blinds?

July 12, 2018

In this modern era, people like to beautify their window dressings with motorized shades and blinds. To some, this might appear as an extravagant but it has many advantages for the house and homeowner. Remote control shades are not only meant for sheer convenience but they are also beneficial for home security.

Have a look at some features of these automated window coverings that delight homeowners.

A Few Good Reasons to Install Motorized Blinds and Shades

  • Quiet Operation

In remote control blinds, the system quietly opens or closes the shades or blinds without any hassle. The motor is silent and since it is hidden, it is also not seen. This window dressing does its task without disturbing the ambiance.

  • Lesser Wear and Tear on Fittings and Fabrics

Did you know that motorized system in shades and blinds extend the life of window treatment gently? Pulling or tugging the fabrics of window coverings every day gradually damages it and loosens its hardware too.

  • Easy Access to High Windows

One might have windows which are high or hard to reach. Remote controlled motorized window treatments are the right choice for them as the manual operation is just impossible. In a remote control system, by just pressing a button one can close or open the blinds of such windows. Skylight windows are the best place for using motorized shades.

  • Wireless

Motorized systems are wireless meaning there is no cluttering of cords and a messy look in the interior. Only remote control is enough to operate these window coverings. Nowadays, remotes are equipped with ‘radio frequency technology’. This latest feature allows owners to operate the window shade even without directly pointing the remote towards it. Remotes can even operate through the walls.

Another great feature of these motorized shades is that the remote can operate one window treatment in a house or all of them or a combination of a few. Hence, there is the high flexibility of operation.

  • Security

Remote controlled systems having preset serve as an excellent security measure. When present, these motorized shades can close during the evening for security and open up during the daytime. This will appear as if the home is being occupied.