Why Go For Solar Screen Shades For Your Home?

June 25, 2018

What homeowners want is to block sunlight and not the outside view. Solar screen shades are the best solution. Quality of view through these shades is just unrivaled as compared to other window treatments. These solar shades also take care of the scorching heat of the sun.


Sun’s rays contain different kinds of radiations of which human beings are concerned about three kinds. Solar screens in a house can give protection from all these three kinds of sun’s radiation. Thus, it can effectively keep us save inside the house.

  • Visible Spectrum &Solar Window Covering

Everyone is acquainted with the acronym VIBGYOR – violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red. This is the visible spectrum which we can see with the help of light. But, when this light becomes excessive, it can cause discomfort to the eyes and wash out all the colors. Solar screen shades control light perfectly and make the interior comfortable by allowing sufficient visible light. It illuminates the space and enhances visibility. The solar fabric also helps in glare reduction.

  • Ultra-violet Spectrum & Solar Coverings

UV rays have ill effects on our eyes, skin, furniture and even floor. Installing solar window coverings can block around 99% of the UV rays and protect people from its harmful effects and furniture/materials from degrading. You must have experienced that finishes and color gradually fade when exposed to the UV rays. With solar shades, one can protect his furniture and artworks this ray and preserve their glaze.

  • Infrared radiation & Solar Shades

Infrared radiation or heat causes an uncomfortable situation at home and people tend to use energy power like air coolers, air conditioners more. Solar screen fabrics prevent entry of the scorching heat of the sun and make a home’s interior quite comfy. With reduced heat, homeowners also use less of energy resources and hence, can save on their energy bills. Thus, the solar screens not only reduce heat but also lessen the cost.

You can very well understand that solar window screens surpass all other window treatments in providing utmost protection and comfort. Solar screens offer a livable ambiance inside the home and also decorate the interior beautifully. The huge array of textures, styles, and colors of solar fabrics are available in the market. Homeowners can install a shade according to their preference and home décor.