Window Shades Color – How To Choose The Right One?

November 14, 2018

Shades, these days, are really a stylish addition to any space. They have many utility – they provide privacy, regulate temperature, control light and add a pop of chic fashion to a room. However, selecting the right color of window shades and blinds is also very important. You should not forget that window dressings also have an aesthetic appeal besides giving a refined look.

Nowadays, shades of different textures and hues are available that brings interest and style to home décor. By shades color house owners usually refer to its interior color. But, when it is about covering street-facing windows, one should choose the color carefully so that it has an impact on the exterior decoration of the house.

Many house owners prefer to have off-white or white blinds and shades to have a unique appearance on their home’s façade. For traditional blinds, same color can work on both sides. However, window shades give the facility to have different colors for outside and inside beauty and it is also, at times, easier to customize colors on both sides.

Different Colors Appeal to Different Décor Schemes

Natural and Earthy – The best pick in this category is faux wood or wooden blinds and shades. Bamboo blinds are eco-friendly addition to any space.

Ultra Modern – Shades blends seamlessly with any modern space but they can lend a more contemporary look when there are white blinds.

Eclectic and Artsy – If you wish to have lighten up a moody room, neutral color shade will be just the right choice.

Shades can give a classic look as well as can be a luxurious addition to home décor.