Exquisite Window Shades To Transform Home Décor In 2021

August 29, 2021

A modern home is not complete without quality window treatments. Window treatments provide several benefits for your home. You can install roller blinds, venetian blinds or honeycomb window shades to help reduce glare and heat from the outside and to enhance privacy in any space. Let us take a look at some high quality window coverings, specifically crafted for homes in 2021…

Bold and Beautiful

Pirouette window shades are the ideal option for transforming the feel and look of conventional fabric shades. The window shades have soft fabric vanes that operate magically and provide absolute privacy and light control. The InvisiLift system in these shades allow the vanes to float stylishly over a sheer fabric backdrop. You can position the vanes as you wish to enjoy the outside view when you like. These shades provide 81% protection from UV rays when vanes are open and 99% with closed vanes. These shades are available in blackout or semi-darkening fabrics.

Excellent Light Transformation

Silhouette shades are known for their light diffusion technology. The shades have special fabrics that scatter even the harshest rays of the sun into a more pleasant lighting. Sheer fabrics of these shades do not have any tapes or cords which enables one to have outside views easily along with maintaining their privacy. These magnificent window shades have S-shaped adjustable vanes which appear as if the vanes are floating between sheer fabrics. These shades act like sunscreen for a room’s interior, offering protection from UV rays.

Limitless Comfort

Duette Honeycomb shades are iconic window treatments designed with high precision. They are not only energy efficient but also add to the beauty of a room. Be it in summer season or winter days, these unique honeycomb shadings can trap air in different pockets. As a result, they offer wonderful heat insulation thereby reducing energy consumption on cooling and heating on summer and winter days respectively. These window shades offer multiple styles and designs in terms of texture, opacities, colors and types of fabrics and pleat sizes.

You have the option for customizing these shades. You can bring innovation in their operation and also choose design options to fit windows of any size and style.

Innovation that Gives More Options

Luminette privacy sheer shades provide a brilliant combo of soft rotating vanes with sheer fabric. These window shades offer a magical beauty of sheer draperies alongside privacy and light control. Sheer fabric diffuses harsh sunlight to pleasing natural light.

Thus, these are some trendy window dressings to enhance the longevity of a room’s interior and furnishing and its beauty.