Window Treatments To Beautify French Doors

May 3, 2021

a baby's room with a crib and blinds drawn down on two draped windows

Do you have French doors inside your home? Finding window treatments for these doors that are aesthetically pleasing while also controlling privacy and sunlight is really challenging. French doors usually serve as a gateway to a patio and backyard or between two rooms. Hence, the design needs for these doors is different. A prime concern choosing window treatments for French doors is maintaining its functionality. It is important to choose window treatments that do not interfere with the handles of the doors.

Window Treatments for French Doors

There are some factors to consider while selecting window treatments for French doors. They are:

  • Design
  • Style preference
  • Frequency of using the door
  • Privacy needed

Shades are available in a plethora of fabrics and styles and so, one can customize the window dressing to fit the style of any room, modify it to fit large-size windows or to meet light coverage or location needs. Here are three shades that can work wonders for such doors –

  • Cellular Shades

These window treatments are sturdy but lightweight. Their uniqueness is their air pockets which help to regulate temperature without obstructing outside view.

  • Roman Shades

This is another popular option for French doors. They provide awesome protection and give a dramatic look. Graceful folds of this shade coordinate excellently with the design of the door. With Roman shades, you can give a completely new look to a room.

  • Solar Shades

It is quite natural that more light will enter through a large window because of its size. In such circumstances, solar shades are your best choice. They are protective window treatments that keep a room interior’s cool during hot days. They create a soothing environment inside the room and also help you save on energy bills.

Why Choosing Window Coverings for French Doors is a Hard Task

French doors do not have any depth and hence, their window coverings should be mounted in the right position. If you select individual coverings for each door, then it is best to select a shallow one that fits behind the door handle. This will enable the covering to hang perfectly between the decorative handle and the door without any kind of disturbances.

Again, if you are willing to lower and raise the shades of French doors regularly, then you should go for cordless window treatments. There are also hold-down brackets for keeping the window dressing down to the bottom of the door.